Monday, May 19, 2014

Hi all,
     In commemoration of Class '59's 55th graduation anniversary (Emerald), I am coming up with a milestone publication called an Emerald Journal. Please see cover page below; to see the succeeding pages, please go to Page "Emerald Journal" of this blogspot.

When it's done, I may ask each one of you if you are interested in reserving a copy.

Roger M

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Newly added post:

Date added, Page, Title:
9.3.2013, "Health Tips"The Definitive Answer To 20 Of Your Biggest Health Questions
9.3.2013, "My Family", Seventy summers ago
8.15.2013, "Uniqueness", Balbino "Ben" Ramos' uniqueness: His pioneering spirit

Discontinuation of "Newsletter" publication

Note to class-members:

1. After the February 2013 issue, I have stopped publishing the Newsletter; it's too taxing to a senior's intellect and to a retiree's lean wallet.
2. In the January 2013 issue, I've listed $227.94 as my deficit in the Newsletter's cost of publication.
3. On reading it, Mr. O'Reilly (husband of Class 57 member Josefa Olegario - the couple lives in Australia) insisted on covering up the deficit and had his wife send me the amount of $228.-. (Bless your heart, Mr. O'Reilly!)
4. The O'Reillys' $228.- donation more than covered up my expenses in buying a new printer, printing paraphernalia and mailing postage.
5. Donations to the Newsletter received after its discontinuation (e.g., Estrella Velasco - $20, see photo below) will be used to pay for Google's storage fee in maintaining this blogspot. Meantime, I thank all those who turned in their donations in the past, either by cash or in kind (stamps).
6. During the Newsletter publication's lifetime (1st issue came out in March 2010) I received only very few feedback which made me feel my literary effort was largely unappreciated. Just the same, I enjoyed publishing it and was happy to have given a bit of entertainment to those who cared to read it.
.....Roger M
R to L: Roger M, late Estrella Rosario-Velasco, Lily Villanueva, etc. Photo taken on Dec. 10, 2011 during a Mangataremians' Christmas Party at Fil and Josie Olegario's house in Henderson, NV. It was during this occasion when Estrella pledged to donate something for Roger M's 'home-published' Newsletter which money the latter received a few weeks before the former died.

List of Pages' contents

What are inside this blogspot's pages:

"C57 OldPics" page:
A. Graduating Class (IV-1) 1956-57
B. MHS Student Government, 1957
C. "Arkansas Travelers Dance"
"C59 OldPics" page:
A. Kindergarten Class, May and June, 1948
B. 1st year, Convocation Program Dancers, Oct. 21, 1955
C. Induction Program, Aug. 14, 1958
D. Top Ten, Class '59 with Principal Mr. Fortunato Olegario
E. Class '59 Sec. IV-1 graduation photo
F. Class '59 Sec. IV-2 graduation photo
"C57 Events" page:
A. Fil O's email message about Estanislao
B. C57 donates new iron gate for MNHS
C. C57 member ushers in MNHS' "Golden Years"
D. C57 participation photos in MNHS 2011 Grand Reunion
E. A tale of two Class '57 members
"Uniqueness" page:
A. Jose E. Gonzales' uniqueness: His unforgiving work ethics
B. Fil E. Olegario's uniqueness: His passion for compassion
C. Febe Valdez-Armstrong's uniqueness: Her indestructibility
D. Fil E. Olegario: More than "Passion for compassion"
E. Martina Carpio-Vergara's uniqueness: Her unsinkability
F. Balbino "Ben" Ramos' uniqueness: His pioneering spirit
"My Story" page:
A. "Things happen for a reason"
B. My first glimpse of the grandeur that was Rome
C. Philippines: "Brain drain" then, "diaspora" now
D. Do things happen for a reason?
"Literary" page:
A. 'Turning back the hands of time
B. Valedictory Address by Jose E. Gonzales
C. Salutatory Address by Amelia Olegario
D. Class Prophecy by Balbino Ramos
E. Class History by Rogelio Mondala
F. Last Will and Testament by Filemon Olegario
"C59 Reunions" page:
A. 'Golden Reunion' photo-album
B. 'Golden Reunion' slideshow
C. 'Silver Reunion' photo-album
D. Principal Laoag's keynote address
E. 'Silver Reunion' movie, "Self-introduction" portion emceed by JoeGon, Pt1 of 4
F. 'Silver Reunion' movie, "Self-introduction" portion emceed by JoeGon, Pt2 of 4
G. 'Silver Reunion' movie, "Self-introduction" portion emceed by JoeGon, Pt3 of 4
H. 'Silver Reunion' movie, "Self-introduction" portion emceed by JoeGon, Pt4 of 4
I. C59's RINA 1, Las Vegas, NV - Sept. 8 - 15, 2002
J. C59's RINA 2, San Diego, CA - Aug. 11 - 14, 2005
K. C59's RICA, Toronto, CAN - April 25, 2010
L. Felix Vince Cruz' impressions of RINA 1
M. Remy Quibal's wake photos
N. C59's RINA 3, Seattle, WA - May 24 - 27, 2006
O. C59's participation in MNHS 2006 Grand Reunion
P. C59's RINA 4, Virginia Beach, VA - Sept. 5 - 7, 2007
"Merger Events" page:
A. 3rd Merger Event Fotos (Oct. 27 - Nov. 7, 2012 - Los Angeles and Oxnard, CA
B. 2nd Merger Event Fotos (Aug. 18, 2012 - Lakewood, CA
C. 1st Merger Event Fotos (April 20 -22, 2012 - Las Vegas, NV
"Helping Others" page:
A. The bottle that launched a yearly mission
B. 2008 C59's EMM summary
C. 2009 C59's EMM summary
D. 2010 C59's EMM summary
E. 2011 C59's EMM summary
F. 2012 C59's EMM summary
G. 2013 C59's EMM summary
"My Adventure" page:
A. Troubleshooting a malfunctioning gyro compass
"My Family" page:
A. Jon&Lori Olegario's kids bonding
B. Abbie Mondala's painting hangs in an orphan house in Tanzania, Africa
C. Fil Olegario's 70th birthday family photo
D. Cristian's Philippine Trip
E. Roger Mondala's 70th birthday family photo
F. Seventy summers ago
"Other Groups" page:
A. MAI donates ETV package to Bedania Elem. School, Mangatarem
B. Guest article: A close look and a chat with FVR
C. An open letter from Dan E. Nino
D. A Pinoy fiesta like no other
"Getting Ready" page:
This page details the email exchanges between Fil Olegario and prospecrive donors to Class '59 2014 EMM.
"How Is It Going" page:
This page details on-site activities while conducting Class '59 2014 EMM as reported by Fil Olegario.

Note to visitors:

Note to visitors:

Due to memory storage restriction, the slideshows contained in the "Grand Reunions" page have been deleted as these can be viewed on Youtube channel anyway. Just type in the search box "Roger Mondala" and you'll be prompted to select what you want to play including the deleted MNHS Grand Reunion slideshows.....RMM